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Pick For Hits Game Rules

Updated Rules -- as of August 13th, 2008.

The 2008 P4 Spring Training Game "Test Rules" are now included permanently in rule 3 below and will be applied in the 2008 Regular Season P4 Game.

*****SF Giants 2008 PICK FOR HITS RULES*****
The 2008 Regular Season game starts 3/31/08.

1) Participants will be allowed to select ONE Giants ballplayer competing on that particular day. One secondary pick can be made in the event your selection is not in the lineup.
Only 3 participants can pick the same ballplayer each game. ***
*** Beginning on the ballgame of Thursday, Aug. 14th, 2008, and continuing after that for the remainder of the 2008 season-- Only TWO participants can pick the same ballplayer each game ***


2) A "pick" can be a ballplayer or a position. If a position is selected, only the starting ballplayer at that position will be used; no points will be awarded for substitutes except under rule 4. If a primary or secondary pick does not start but enters the game later on, there will be no points awarded for that ballplayer. Only the starting lineup will be used and considered for scoring with the exception of rule 4.

a) Picks will be assigned in the following order by the scorekeeper:

i. Primary selections – will be awarded until a ballplayer has been chosen by three participants; all subsequent selections of a ballplayer will result in a secondary or assigned default pick.

ii. Secondary selections – will be used once all primary selections have been made and only if a ballplayer did not start or a ballplayer has been chosen 3 times.

iii. Scorekeeper -assigned default picks* – will be made by the scorekeeper in the event that a participant’s primary or secondary pick is not available ; the scorekeeper will assign the next available ballplayer in the starting lineup, as if the lineup were listed alphabetically, as the default pick.

iv. Participant-selected default picks* – will be made once all primary, secondary and assigned default selections are made and will be assigned the next available ballplayer in the starting lineup as if the lineup were listed alphabetically.

*- A default pick cannot result in a rule 6 violation. If the next available ballplayer alphabetically puts the participant in violation of rule 6, then the next ballplayer in alphabetical order that is still available will be used as the default pick.

3) One point will be awarded for each hit, run, run batted in, base on balls, hit by pitch, stolen base, sacrifice fly, sacrifice bunt and attributed to that ballplayer in the lineup. Points will be awarded in accordance with the official MLB box score. Points will be tallied and posted after each day's ballgame(s) have been completed.

4) In the event that a starting ballplayer leaves the game early due to pinch hitting, pinch running, injury, defensive substitution or any other circumstance, the points accumulated for that ballplayer only will be awarded. Should a starting ballplayer not have an official plate appearance before leaving the game, an assigned default pick will be given, not the ballplayer replacing the starter.

5) PICK FOR HITS 2008 ballplayer selections will close 5 minutes prior to the posted game time.

a) All picks must be posted no later than prior to 5 minutes before the scheduled game time.*
Late picks will be voided. There will be NO exceptions to this rule.

b) A pick may be changed as long as it is completed and posted no later than prior to 5 minutes before the scheduled game time.*
Any pick change placed within 5 minutes of game time, or later, will revert back to the original pick.

* - Examples: If the scheduled game time is 1:05, then acceptable picks/pick changes would have to be placed by 12:59 or earlier. If the Game time is 7:15, acceptable picks/pick changes would have to be placed by 7:09 or earlier.

c) Changed picks must be moved to the bottom of the pick list, otherwise the change becomes void and the participant will receive his/her original pick.

6) Participants may have the same ballplayer only two times in one week; a week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday. Violation of this rule will result in no points. Participants are responsible for tracking their own picks; the official scorekeeper will track but not warn ballplayers if their selection violates this rule. If a month starts midweek, the twice played list does not reset.

7) In the event that a participant is on vacation, attending a Giants game on the road, or any other special circumstances, a request must be made in advance for someone to post picks in a participant’s absence.

a) A participant may ask a scorekeeper to post a default pick, which will be considered as a “participant-selected” default pick or have another participant post pre-determined specific picks. Either type of request must be made on the board for the other participants to see; no email or PM requests for this will be allowed. The request MUST specify the exact game start day or date -- and final game day or date being requested for the absentee picks.

b) If default picks or friend requests are made for a specific period, i.e.- ‘the weekend’, and the participant does not return as expected, the scorekeeper or friend may NOT place additional defaults/picks, unless a new request is made.

c) If the scorekeeper or friend does not place a requested pick before the 5 minute cutoff time, the participant will receive a "participant-selected" default pick and be placed at the end of the list as soon as the error is found.
8) Picks for the next day’s game are not allowed until the current game is over. In order to accommodate our players in other time zones, picks for the next day’s game may be made AFTER 10 pm Pacific Daylight time if the current day’s game has not been completed.

9) A maximum of 18 people may participate in the Pick for Hits game.


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