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Premium community

  1. Premium community

Premium community :: Explanation

Upgrading your community (message board) to premium allows the administrators of the community to use the following features:

- Possibility to switch banner ads off and on (button is in Control panel > Board management > Misc options.)
- Maximum size of a message (post) body is 250 000 bytes, instead of the usual 10 000.
- You can choose the number of topics per page (maximum: 50), and number of posts per page (maximum: 30) to display. - Future features that are to be implemented.

When upgrading a community to premium, you will buy a credit of premium page views. The base unit is 100 000 page views, and this costs 25 dollars US, or 25 euros. All purchases must be multiples of 100 000 page views. An average board will only need to purchase one base unit per year or two. A busy board will of course eat through these credits much more quickly - all depends on the traffic to your board.

Every time a user loads a page of your board, your premium page views credit will be decreased. If the user is a premium user, the counter is not decreased. The counter is also not decreased if a member of our staff views your board. If an anonymous (not logged in) user views a page, the counter is decreased - this includes web robots, search engines, and such. SOME search engines are detected and will not decrease your counter, however do not count on it. At this time it only includes Google, and then again, we do not make guarantees for the detection to work properly.

As soon as the counter reaches 0, the board will lose the premium status and the ads will be served on it again. You will be able to repurchase credits at any time.

Upgrading your board to premium will not upgrade your user account to premium.

To purchase page views for your board, please go to your Control Panel, select the relevant board, click "Manage", and click the "Upgrade to Premium" button.

Please note that the upgrade is on a per-board basis, and there can be no refunds!

If and when your community runs out of premium credits, it will be reverted to normal status, until and if you upgrade it to premium again.

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