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Bum is the Action Hero today as he shuts out the Nats 5-0

Madison Bumgarner is the Big Gun on a team of Young Guns. He is known as a Lumberjack ,and a cowboy.You can add Action Hero to the list as he completely dominated the bad guys 5-0 today on a fantastic Sunday in front of a full house. Bum went the distance only giving up 3 hits and 1 walk. Bum was dealing as he struck out 14 batters as the Washington hitters had no chance.

Bum also was the offensive Hero as he smoked a double to score a lightning fast Clark Kent. Tomlinson has wheels and he showed them off today running on the pitch and scoring. Pence and Bum each hit HR's that ended up somewhere in Sante Fe. Belt hit a nice double to score Blanco who was on base 3 times and scored once. Belt and Blanco have really added a boost to the line up lately.

The final was 5-0 as the big gun showed off his arm and his bat in front of 2 baseball legends...Marichal and Seaver. Bum wants to be a part of that group. He has the talent and desire to do just that. Hey the dude is a Action Hero and today the good guys won.

Giants go 5-1 on the homestand as they sweep the Nats and mount up for the ride to St. Louis 2 1/2 games back in the West. It might be the Dog days of Summer but the Giants are playing like the Champs they are.

Go Giants !!

on youtube..

Jon Bon Jovi - Sante Fe
posted by loreb4data

Last Action Hero Best Scenes-Badass Intro (With Great Quotes)
posted by VideoSiesta

AC/DC - Big Gun
posted by acdcVEVO

Stay Loose. Rock On !!

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8/16/2015, 4:40 pm Link to this post    Blog
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Registered: 09-2015
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Re: Bum is the Action Hero today as he shuts out the Nats 5-0

Madison the name fits him well. He minus where pink instead of orange. The kid Peterson took him deep...hahaha!
9/2/2015, 2:52 pm Link to this post    Blog


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