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I left (a piece of) my heart in San Francisco

(I tried to post this to the MLB board, but I have a waiting period?)

Cardinals fan here.

The heartbreak of the 2012 NLCS still lingers, but I wanted to admit that a little piece of me was jumping up and down as San Francisco celebrated their trip [and eventual championship] to the World Series.

Between Feb 2011 and Aug 2012, I lived in Monterey Bay, California, surrendering my life and sanity to the the Defense Language Institute. Unless the Cardinals were on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball l or they were playing a California team, I wasn't going to see them play without forking cash over for an MLB TV subscription.

During my time there, I made quite a few friends. All of them Giants, fresh off of their teams 2010 Championship and baseball was almost all we talked about. I was always written off as "That Cards Fan" and none of them really knew a lot about the Cardinals. But that changed after the 2011 World Series and that got them interested!

I spent many weekends in San Francisco. Lunch or dinner on the Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown, Bay and Golden Bridge, eventually making the trip to AT&T Park for the Giants game. Posey became one of my favorite players, I argued FOR Bonds against fans of other teams, and I always thought Bummie looked like Waino, so he was obviously my favorite pitcher.

I watched Matt Cain pitch a one hitter against the Padres. I got my first taste of "The 5 Rivalry", and had to watch the news from my home in Seaside, California that Albert Pujols was going to the Angels. I would wear my Giants zip-up Majestic brand hoodie to every game (excluding those against the Cardinals).

I want to say that I, in a way, adopted the Giants as my home-away-for-home, but with my pals in Monterey taking me in despite my allegiance, it was more like they adopted me. (Corny, I know)

So now every time the Giants win, I get the tingles and message one of my buddies. Every time the Cardinals win I am sure to get a message from one of them. Text's back and forth about the upcoming games, our rivalries against blue teams, what we need to do to right the ships when they appear to be sinking, and when our regular season games are on the horizon, if I'm going to make the trip out to watch the game with them.

They showed me AT&T Park, I know it like the back of my hand. I literally know where every bathroom is in that ballpark, when they came to St. Louis, I showed them Busch Stadium and they watched live as Adam Wainwright threw three pitches to Pedro Alvarez in last years NLDS to win it advance.

Giants are a soft spot for me, but that doesn't mean I want you to win. I want you to lose, I want you to strike out every time you step to the plate against the birds on the bat.

But here is to no injuries, great at-bats, great pitching duels, story-lines, and hopefully seven games of National League Championship Baseball between the two teams closest to my heart.

And screw the Dodgers.
10/8/2014, 9:20 pm Link to this post    Blog
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Nice post. Welcome aboard. However, it has been years since there has been much activity here. You should get some responses when you can post on the MLB Board.
10/9/2014, 8:49 am Link to this post   


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