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7/23/2014 GIANTS @ Phillies Gameball and Joker

The Phillies gave the Giants another game tonight, as the Giants beat them 3-2, on a three-run bloop triple down the right field line.
The Giants have a two-game lead over the Dodgers, and they will go for their first sweep in Philadelphia since 2004.

Mad Bum
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Bumgarner knew the drill, the bullpen was exhausted from last night's affair, and he went out and threw eight shutout innings. Some of his success can be attributed to how bad the Phillies have been with men on base, but he also did this with a 59-minute rain delay in the middle of it, and he allowed the bullpen to take a much-needed rest.

TIP OF THE CAP: emoticon

Hunter Pence: Pence began his night by performing CPR on the Philly Phanatic, and since the Phanatic has been the only source of entertainment at Phillies' games this season, the Phillies owed him one. They did indeed return the favor, as Pence came up with the bases loaded in the ninth, and he cleared the bases with a bloop triple down the right field line.

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Jonathan PapelBUM
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He made it publicly clear that he wanted to be traded to a contender, and that inevitably pissed his teammates off, so the baseball gods made him pay for those comments by choking in the ninth inning two nights in-a-row.


Phillies' offense: They have been awful in this series, as they have left eight runners at third base in this series.

Bill Miller: This is his first year as a crew chief, and he has not handled inclement weather well.
Remember, he was the crew chief in the May series in Denver, which featured the suspended game, and he called that game off after the second rain delay, because there was a third storm coming in. Well, there was a slight problem, the third storm never came, and they easily could've resumed that game 30-45 minutes later.
Then, tonight, he called for a 59-minute rain delay, when it hardly rained.

Phillies' fans: You're booing Ryan Howard, who helped bring only the second world championship to your franchise?
Oh, why am I surprised? You people puke on little girls and boo Santa Claus.
On top of that, he made weird and creepy noises late in the game last night.


Honestly, I never thought we'd be up by two games again this season.
However, the Giants haven't convinced me that they're back yet. They've won six of their last seven against three awful teams, and the Phillies could've easily won all three of these games if they would've gotten hits with men in scoring position.
This upcoming home stand against the Dodgers and Pirates will be a real test.

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