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6/15/2014 Rockies @ GIANTS Gameball and Joker

What the hell happened this weekend?
Yes, that's my lead, because the Giants led 7-3, and like the first two games of the series, blew their late lead, and thus got swept by the Rockies.

No One
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That's how bad this one was. This team went from clicking in cylinders to being unable to execute simple baseball fundamentals in a heartbeat, so no one gets the gameball, despite the fact that everyone who started got a hit.

TIP OF THE CAP: emoticon

Hector Sanchez: Who pinch-hit for Buster Posey, and bam, hit a home run.

Pablo: Who followed Sanchez's blast with one of his own.

Mad Bum: He pitched decently. He gave up four runs, but he struck out nine, and he mixed in his fourth career home run in there. Of the four, three of them have been hit against the Rockies.

Justin Morneau: You have to give it to Morneau, who got what turned out to be the game-winning double in the eighth inning. He's been consistently declining for several years, but he's having a bounce-back season in the thin air of Colorado.

Kruk" You gotta love our announcers. When Kuip couldn't finish his call on Bumgarner's home run, Kruk stepped in without missing a beat and yelled "OUTTA HERE!!!" in Kuip's place.

Jean Machi: Who pitched a 1-2-3 ninth. His ERA is now [sign in to see URL].

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Juan Gutierrez
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So, who was responsible for today's disaster? Juan Gutierrez.
Bochy gave Gutierrez—unrelated to Amy G—the ball for the eighth inning, and he responded by surrendering four runs.


Hockey Masks: Those things need to be banned. Posey took a shot off his mask in the fourth inning, and he consequently had to leave the game. Every time a catcher gets buzzed with a hockey-style mask, it takes them three minutes to get back on their feet, but when they get buzzed with a traditional-style mask, they usually don't need a second to shake it off. Remember, Mike Matheny wore a hockey-style mask.
Also, the Giants need to move Posey to another position. He's much too valuable to be vulnerable to gnarly injuries. Move him to second base. He's built like Jeff Kent, and he could easily be another Craig Biggio.
Posey had a headache after he was hit, and if you saw him talk to reporters after the game, he still looked dazed.

Mike Muchlinski: Who was awful behind the plate, and when Bochy finally let him have it, Muchlinski tossed him, and then proceeded to smirk at him.
You gotta love the size difference.
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George Kontos: Kontos has been sent down, and in other news, a record amount of 'Gamer Babes' are being treated at Bay Area hospitals for wrist cuts.

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