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Registered: 06-2014
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Potential improvements and regressions

When I look at this team and wonder the possibility of them continuing the season at anything close to this rare I ask what is likely to improve and what is likely to regress. I was curious what you guys think on the subject.

I will be assuming healthy on all these predictions not gonna guess on guys health.


Buster Posey- there won't be any MVPs this year, but his swing is so rock solid once healthy he will have a good second half. I have no doubt Buster will improve.

Belt-He will be here and while the replacements have done a real good job if he is healthy he is a potential .290 25 homerun guy who plays gold glove D. If that doesn't improve them then I don't know what will.

Cain-I think he will have a strong second half like last year. He looked healthy and was throwing as hard while locating as I've seen in forever.


Pen- Unless we find out Machi isn't human he has to give up a couple runs right?

Huddy-Barely a regression because I have all the faith that he will have a good year.

My point being this team has very little going on that is way out of whack and have had a lot of slumps and injuries. There might just be enough talent out there they could get better?
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Re: Potential improvements and regressions

Hey mb,

Your comments are spot on. The characteristic I'd apply to this team is one of a relay team in track and field...it's as if different players step up every game to cover for guys who fall back for a game...or a week of them...;+(.......

Slumps aren't a big deal, unless they become epidemic across the line-up.

All that said, I think Buster was hurting pretty good when he was slumping. I'm grateful that Bochy has the leeway to rest him, and hope he continues to do so. If he can put his back issues behind him, I see no reason why Posey can't be the force of nature he's been in the past.

The other guy who I think can improve at the plate is Crawford, but I think he'd have to be hitting higher in the order to get there.

The thing about hitting 7th and 8th is that pitchers stop giving you anything sweet to hit, knowing that the pitcher's spot is coming up. I think Crawford would hit in the .270-.280 range if he were slotted in the #2 hole, and I frankly wonder why Bochy hasn't put him there. It's great having a second big RBI bat in the #7 hole, but I'd prefer to get the benefit of another 30-40 BA points from Crawford, while extending the heart of the batting order to the #7 hole, once Belt is back.

Another guy who could be a key piece for the Giants, improvements wise, is Gregor Blanco. As the Summer wears on, Pagan is going to need more relief due to his knee issues. If Blanco can continue his flare power approach at the plate, he could end up be a very valuable upgrade for the club over whatever it was he was trying to be, offensively, at the start of the season.

Regression? Pagan has to be a possibility, due to his knee issues. But beyond him, I don't see many guys who haven't already had performance problems at some point this year.

The starting pitching? Yeah, Cain can certainly get better. I think Lincecum can, as well, although it's hard to complain about the winning % when he starts. Hudson could regress, should he have injury problems, as could Vogelsong, should he lose his fastball again. But I don't think either will happen.

Your comment on Machi was intriguing. The thing about relievers is that they will occasionally have a magical season. Sometimes it is the start of something good, long term, but most times it's simply going to be a statistical outlier of a year for a guy who caught lightning in a bottle.

I think Machi is the latter, but as long as we're in 2014, he's going to be great.


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