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6/4/2014 GIANTS @ Reds Gameball and Joker

The Giants came back and beat the Reds 3-2 in Cincinnati.
The Rockies and Dodgers both lost. The Rockies are the coldest team in baseball as a result to injuries to Nolan Arenado and Carlos Gonzalez, and with the Dodgers' loss to the Good Guys of Chicago tonight, the Giants are eight games up in the National League West.
This is turning into quite a surreal season.

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Other than giving up a pair of runs in the bottom of the third inning, Vogelsong was on top of his game tonight. He struck out nine Reds in a hitter's ballpark.
He has shown how great he truly is this season. He already impressed everyone with his return to Baseball three years ago, and after an awful, injury-plagued season last year, he has bounced back to have another good year at the age of 36, going on 37. It was easy for anyone to think that his career was over just a couple months ago. I personally thought that he would be out of the rotation by now, so I'm gladly eating crow. I can't recall a pitcher who suddenly bounced back in one year at his age.

TIP OF THE CAP: emoticon

Michael Morse: Who finally got the Giants on the board with a blast in the sixth inning, and mean a BLAST.

Juan Perez: Who surprised everyone with a home run to left that gave the Giants the lead. He crushed it, and Tony Cingrani knew it right away.
It's too bad that Duane Kuiper never played in any of these modern, live ballparks. He could've had 10 career home runs.

Jean Machi: Machi has dominated in the mop-up role this season, Now, he's finally gotten into some crucial situations, and he's thrived in those as well.
He came in in the eighth tonight, he induced a double play from Devin Mesoraco, and just like that, the inning was over.

Sergio Romo: It was nice to see the old Sergio make an appearance tonight. He pitched a 1-2-3 inning, and bam, that was it for this game. It was his 18th save of the season.

Don Zimmer: Baseball lost an icon today. Don Zimmer sadly passed away at the age of 83, and he left quite a legacy with so many teams, including the "Hmmm Baby" 1987 Giants as their third base coach.

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This the very proof that injuries can devastate a team.
Just 15 days ago, they had a dramatic walk-off win against the Giants, and there were only two games back. Since then, they have lost Arenado and Gonzalez in the year of the injury, they have gone 2-10, and they have currently lost six in-a-row with three absolutely devastating losses over the last week.
Then tonight, they came back from down 4-0 to take an 8-5 lead against the Diamondbacks, and Arizona responded by scoring five runs in the eighth and four more in the ninth for a 16-8 win.
If you can make a last-place team with one of the worst bullpens in baseball look like the 1927 Yankees, then you know you're going bad.
I didn't watch the ninth inning of that game, but I would be willing to bet the even Dinger was like, "hell with this game, I'm taking this purple suit off and going home."


Kerwin Danley: Who was the plate umpire in the Dodgers, White Sox game in LA. After Danley didn't ring Puig up on a pitch that should've been strike three, which also turned out to be ball four, Robin Ventura rightfully let him know what he though of the call, and Danley ran him.
I am not taking a jab at Danley, I am just making an observation. He is 53 years old, and he has suffered from four concussions in the last six years. It has affected his performance, and he is one of the umpires who I think needs to retire.

Baseball: What is up with all of the teams this season?Everyone is bunched up. That's something you would expect after the first two weeks of the season, not the first two months.
The Braves have the sixth-best record in baseball at 31-27, and they are only five games ahead of the Padres who have the sixth-worst record at 27-33. That is correct, there are 20 teams that are all within five games of each other, which will create some really cool drama as this season unfolds, because there is a very good chance that this trend could continue into July and maybe even August. I can't every remember something like this.
If you add the five teams better than the Braves to the mix, 80 percent of the entire league could be in contention after the All-Star Break, or as league office and the owners would call it, their ultimate wet dream.


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