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6/1/2014 GIANTS @ Cardinals Gameball and Joker

The Giants obliterated the Cardinals this afternoon and shut them out 8-0.
The Giants got their lead over the Dodgers back to seben-and-a-half games, and the Indians beat the Rockies on a walk-off home run by Michael Bourn.

Buster Posey
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If anyone ever needed to have a big game, it was Posey.
He got his first of three hits to knock in the first of four runs that the Giants scored off Lance Lynn in the first inning. He singled and scored in the fourth as well.
Let's just hope it was his back that cause his slump.

TIP OF THE CAP: emoticon

Tim Hudson: Who despite having control issues and not having his best stuff, threw seven shutout innings, while allowing just three hits.

Angel Pagan: Who continued to rack up hits.
He's now hitting .327.

Joaquin Arias: Arias got a rare start today, and he went 3-for-4 with three RBIs. One of those hits blew the score open in the first inning.
All the Giants need to do is give him some starts, and he will be productive.

Brandon Crawford: Crawford continues to put on a clinic at short, and he knocked in a pair of runs.

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This honor goes to our good friends over at ESPN tonight.
Their coverage of the Dodgers, Pirates game tonight was bizarre to put it lightly.
Karl Ravech and Barry Larkin called the game from the booth, but they had several other analysts throughout Dodger Stadium. Mark Mulder and Aaron Boone reported with headsets on from each dugout like they were football coaches, Doug Glanville wore a headset and covered the pavilion—my guess was that he was there to cover the drunken fist fights, and Eric Wedge was the "manager analyst" reporting from behind home plate.
Here are the ]official details of it. I don't know what ESPN's goal with using the Baseball Tonight crew was, but it sure struck me as incredibly odd. I don't mean to offend Mr. McQuade, but that was neither informative, nor entertaining.
Oh, and of course, ESPN sticked to their usual agenda of promoting Puig as the greatest player off all-time.
However, look on the bright side, CNN just figured out how to cover a Baseball game.


Lance Lynn: The Giants own Lynn.
Once again, he suffered from a bout with Jonathan Sanchez syndrome, and he gave up four runs in the first.
He's a mixture of Sanchez and Russ Ortiz. He completely loses his focus when an umpire misses a call or his defense fails him, and like Russ, he has the great ability to let a huge inning blow up in his face.

Mike Krukow: Kruk, you're great, but you didn't need to insist the whole afternoon that the Cardinals were going to retaliate for Allen Craig getting hit, so you could've created drama in an 8-0 game. Watching baseball, period is entertaining and fun enough for me.


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