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5/31/2014 GIANTS @ Cardinals Gameball and Joker

For the second time in the last 10 days, the Giants played a game that featured lightning and two rain delays, but unlike the game in Colorado, play was able to resume after the second one, and the Giants lost.
Losing is never fun, but with how exceptional this team has played, and with Hudson going tomorrow, this is a game that you can just shake off.

Oscar Taveras
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If a kid helps his team win in his major league debut with a home run, you gotta give him the gameball.
The wind and rain blowing in from right the fifth inning, and yet he was still able to hit one into the seats out there.

TIP OF THE CAP: emoticon

Michael Wacha: Ever since he dominated in the postseason last year, I really wanted to see him pitch against the Giants, and he was able to throw six shutout innings and strike out seven, despite a rain delay.

Yusmeiro Petit: Our starting pitcher was pretty good as well. He set down the first nine men he faced, and he only gave up two hits.

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Tyler Colvin
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The Giants had a handful of guys who went hitless today, but Colvin did it with a hat trick, so he's the joker.


George Kontos: He came in to pitch in the seventh, and predictably, the Cardinals scored an insurance run.

Ehire Adrianza: My god, how the hell did he get a start?
I swear, this guy is the second coming of Velez. The only difference is that Adrianza doesn't look like the Pharaoh.


Since we lost today, I want to end this on a positive note.
No one could've predicted that the Giants—despite that Marco Scutaro has yet to play a single game, that Brandon Belt and Matt Cain are injured, and that their MVP is in the worst slump of his career—would be 36-20 at the end of May. Despite losing 86 games last season, and despite what has happened so far this season, the Giants hold Baseball's best record and biggest divisional lead.
The roster is much deeper this year, and this by-far the best clubhouse chemistry I've ever seen a team have. Belt said it perfrectly, "You can't buy chemistry."
When guys have gotten hurt, other players have come up from the minors, and they have stepped up in a huge way. When Posey went into a monumental slump, Sandoval got white-hot.
This is reminding me so much of 1993 and 2003, a team that started winning, and has yet to stop. Both of those teams won 100 game, and both of those teams had very poor clubhouse chemistry, so the way this year's team has played with their miraculous chemistry has given many fans, including myself the feeling that San Francisco could be the ultimate emerald city in October.

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