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5/23/2014 Twins @ GIANTS Gameball and Joker

The Giants returned home to beat the Twins after a wild week in Denver, which featured a pair of tornado warnings and a suspended game.
The Giants got started early, and while the Twins chipped away to make it 3-2, the Giants opened it up to win 6-2.

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This team has been through a lot so far this year. Despite a couple of tough injuries and a suspended game, which featured two rain delays, the Giants came out swinging the bats tonight. In April, the Giants couldn't get hits with runners in scoring position of their lives depended on it. Now, they're still playing home run derby, and they're now getting hits with runners in scoring position.
They're off to their best start in 11 years, they have a four-game lead in the National League West, and even though it's May, this year is destined to be one to remember.

TIP OF THE CAP: emoticon

Pablo: Pablo only got one hit, but it was the big one. He gave the Giants an early three-run lead with one swing of the bat in the third inning.
He also shined with the leather at third.

Brandon Hicks: He's hitting .200, but almost all of his hits have gone over 400 feet, and he hit one half-way into the bleachers tonight. He could very well hit 20 home runs.

Jean Machi: Machi was perfect against the four batters he faced to end the game, and his ERA is [sign in to see URL].

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The Weather
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The weather was cooperative for the first two games in Denver, but more severe weather and another tornado warning hit yesterday, thus there were two delays, Kuiper had to get oxygen, I had to be evacuated and stuffed with a million fans in the concourse, and the game will be completed on Labor Day.
If this happens to me again in Denver, I'm heading right to the rooftop.


Michael Morse: Who went 0-for-3 with a hacking-at-slop strikeout.

Twins' offense: They wasted a handful of opportunities, as they went 0-for-8 with runners in scoring position, and they left 10 men on base.
I've never heard of half the guys on their team, so it's only a matter of time before they slip right back to the cellar of the American League Central.

Lincecum hype: Timmy had a great start against the Braves last week, and then he followed that with two quality outings. That of course has lead to the media, and even some fans to start the annual "Lincecum is back" orgy.
I know everyone tries him to think that he'll return to his Cy Young form, because he's loved so much, but sorry, that's never going to happen.
He's too small, and he has blown his arm out. He's throwing spitballs now. He can pitch some good outings against some weak offenses, but can people please finally understand that he'll never be 'Vintage Timmy' ever again?


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