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5/18/2014 Marlins @ GIANTS Gameball and Jerk

Sorry I'm a day late, I was at the game yesterday, and I was too tired to do a writeup last night.
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Anyway, The Giants won yesterday to salvage a split from the Marlins.
The Marlins deemed AT&T Park their property, but the Giants had a message for them yesterday, as they scored three runs in the first inning, and they won 4-1.
Now it's off to Coors Field and Dinger the Purple Dinosaur.

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There's a reason I'm nicknamed 'The Zebra.' I think in terms of black and white, absolutes, and when a team goes bad for a week, I take to the internet and declare them done, and then if they sweep a good team, I say they'll win their division. Same thing with how players do. I guess I may be the next coming of Chris Russo.
Just over a week ago, I said Pablo was done, and that he would not ever surpass the mendoza line at any point this season. He has been on fire over the last week, as he now has a nine-game hitting streak, and he is now hitting .220. He singled and scored in the first, and then he homered in the fifth.
Things should get even better for him at Coors Field. Maybe he'll pull another three-home run game.

TIP OF THE CAP: emoticon

Vogey: His team needed a good start from their pitcher, and he gave them seven shutout innings on his way to the win.
Ever since he changed his mechanics, he has reverted back to the way he was two years ago.

Santiago Casilla: Casilla was a warrior. He struck out Garrett Jones after going 3-0 to him, and he got him on the 10th pitch of the at bat. Then, he was able to get the potential tying run in Giancarlo Stanton—who I expected to hit one to the coke bottle—to fly out.

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Mitch Williams
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Fans should remember Mitch from the 2010 NLCS, when he predicted that the Giants would be no match for the Phillies, and that the Phillies would sweep the Giants aside without a problem. Of course, he was proved wrong, and since then he has had the biggest disdain for the Giants, even more so than Tommy Lasorda.
Then came the news last week that he ordered one of his 10-year-olds on the Little League team he was coaching to bean a player on the other team. He ordered that after he called that player a 'pussy.'
Hey, Mitch, I know you're a big, tough Texan, but you don't need to pick fights with little kids. That job belongs to the gang bangers down at Dodger Stadium. Also, look at how scared the umpire, who did the right thing by tossing him was.
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Remember, Mitch played with great role models like Lenny Dykstra, who just got out of prison last year, and Darren Daulton, who had "out-of-body" experiences, and who had a DUI after he retired. He also played with John Kruk, who thinks the way to lose weight is to try every ballpark's five-pound chili dog.
Finally, he announced today that he was taking a leave of absence from MLB Network, much to the delight of every baseball fan across the country.
Before I'm done, I believe Will Clark has a message for Mitch.


Buster Posey: Posey looked awful yesterday. He struck out twice, and he looked quite dumb when he was swinging at pitches in the dirt.

Jeremy Affeldt: Who was lit up out of the bullpen in the eighth, and that made things quite scary.

Dodgers: Who lost two of three to the Diamondbacks. ESPN must be pissed right now.


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