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5/16/2014 Marlins @ GIANTS Gameball and Joker

The Giants lost an exciting game 7-5. The Giants were once again down 4-1 early, after Petit, who made the emergency start for Hudson got lit up. The Giants once again came back, but the Marlins scored a pair of runs in the ninth inning, and they held on to win.

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Pablo has made me eat a lot of crow this week, as he went 2-for-4 tonight, extending his hitting streak to seven. He also flashed the leather at the hot corner.
I predicted less than a week ago that he wouldn't reach the mendoza line this season, and he's hitting .212, so it took him only a few days to destroy that prediction.

TIP OF THE CAP: emoticon

Brandon Crawford: Who swung the bat well tonight, as he hit a double, and he knocked in a run with a sacrifice fly.

Angel Pagan: Besides going 2-for-5 at the plate and scoring two runs, he made the catch of the year—so far—in the seventh inning to rob Derek Dietrich of a hit.
The comparison of Pagan to Puig is priceless.
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Jean Machi: Who continued his early-season dominance, as he set down all four batters he faced.

Michael Morse: Who continued his hot streak with a pair of hits and a pair of runs.

Giancarlo Stanton: Who also made a spectacular running catch.
His was just as great, because he was playing a shift against Morse,—the new trend his season—and he had to run a long distance to make the catch.

Metallica: It's really cool that they and Jerry Garcia get their own nights at the ballpark every year.
I can't tell you how great it is as a musician to see some live music at the park.

Throw your horns in the air, and let's find some more Bay Area musicians to promote!

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Yusmeiro Petit
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Petit just can't seem to find the mojo he had late last season, and he was lit up once again while making a fill-in start. The Marlins torched him for five runs,—four of them earned—to get his ERA up to [sign in to see URL].
I hate to say this, but he may very well just have been a one-month wonder.


Santiago Casilla: Who imploded in the ninth, giving up two runs and getting the loss.

Mark Ripperger: Who was tonight's Home Plate Umpire. Thanks to the hiring of seven new full-time major league umpires, we've seen some new minor league call-up umpires get some work. Ripperger is one of the minor leaguers, and with the fact that a handful of veteran umpires have yet to work a game this season due to injury, Ripperger and other minor league umpires have gotten a lot of work calling major league games.
Ripperger's strike zone was awful tonight, and the strike zones of a lot of these minor league call-ups have been awful.
He, Sean Barber and Seth Buckminster have been the worst, and all of them have been involved in confrontational ejections this week.
These guys are just as bad at calling balls and strikes, and just as confrontational is their hot-headed mentors.


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