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5/11/2014 GIANTS @ Dodgers Gameball and Joker

What a game, as we closed out our 7-3 roadtrip with a thrilling 10-inning win over the Hated Ones.
We have won 13 of our last 17 games, and we are on one hell of a run right now. We're clicking on all cylinders, and we're starting to get hits with men in scoring position.

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For all of the slack I gave him, he finally had a three-hit game, and for that, he gets the gameball.
He was the difference maker. He got the scoring started with a double just out of the reach of the diving Kemp in the first inning, and he knocked in the first of three runs in the 10th.
It was his first three-hit game since he his three-home run game in San Diego on Sept. 4 of last year, and he got his average up to .189. He's just 11 points shy of the mendoza line, so he needs to give himself a pat on the back.

TIP OF THE CAP: emoticon

Brandon Hicks: Who once again hit a home run. It was a two-run shot in the seventh that gave us the lead at the time.

Buster Posey: Who had a couple of hits and an RBI. He singled in what we thought would be a very valuable insurance run in the eighth.

Hunter Pence: Pence has plateaued as of late, and he had a nice 2-for-5 game today.

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Sergio Romo
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Romo has been great this year, but he flat-out choked today. After narrowly escaping danger by hanging his sliders to Puig, Hanley Ramirez made him pay for it by tying the game, and thus costing Romo his perfect save record.
As great as Romo has been, he should get a tattoo that says "Property of Hanley Ramirez."


Ehire Adrianza: After his boneheaded play that helped the Pirates beat us Tuesday night, Adrianza was at it again today.
After he obstructed Hicks' ability to field a ground ball off the bat of Ramirez, he went to cover second when Ramirez was trying to stretch it into a double. The only problem was that Adrianza forgot where second base was, and Ramirez slid in safely with a double.
Krukow could not have been more spot on in saying that he's showing that he's not ready to be at the big league level. We need to send him down IMMEDIATELY.


Dodger Fans: If you're chanting 'GIANTS SUCK!' when that team has won 13 of it's last 17 games, and your team is struggling to stay above .500, maybe you guys should rethink the drivel that's coming out of your mouths.

Steve Weller: I should've made mention of this earlier. Mr. Weller was the official scorer in Friday night's game in Texas between the Rangers and the Red Sox. Of course, that game made headlines when Yu Darvish got within one out of a no-hitter for the second time of his career.
Well, that happened, because Weller decided to rule a David Ortiz Texas League single an error when no fielder touched the ball.
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Thankfully, Big Papi got a hit his next time up, thus allowing Weller to escape epic humiliation.


That right there was a demoralizing loss for the Dodgers. They desperately need to get a spark as soon as possible, and they tied the game in the ninth, only to gave up a three runs in the 10th to lose it.
I've said it before, Colorado is for real. The Dodgers seem to be having major issues with their clubhouse chemistry, with Puig's inability to act mature, Hanley not running out every ground ball and whatever new antics Wilson is pulling. With all of the drama down there, it wouldn't surprise me at all to see them finish third in the West.


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