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5/8/2014 GIANTS @ Dodgers Gameball and Joker

The Giants Beat LA in 10 innings down in Chavez Ravine 3-1 on inflatable chair night.
Despite leaving nine men on base, the Giants came through in the 10th inning, and they pulled away with the win.

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Vogey has been great over his last four starts, as in 26-and-a-third innings, he has only given up three runs.
Tonight, he gave up just a run in seven-and-a-third, and his change of mechanics have made quite the difference since he was torched in Colorado on April 21. It also looks like I may have to eat some crow soon for ]what I said after that game.
His ERA is now under four, so let's see if he keeps this up.

TIP OF THE CAP: emoticon

Brandon Hicks: Who tied it up with his sixth home run of the season in the seventh.

Santiago Casilla: Who struck out two out of the pen.

Hector Sanchez: If this was a day game, he would've had a grand slam, but Hector knocked in another game-winning run against the Bums.

Sergio Romo: Who is now a perfect 11-for-11 in save opportunities so far.

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Porky Puig
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Wow, just wow. He put on a show for a called strike RIGHT DOWN the middle? The umpires talk about him, and he's just asking for it. This is a rare time where it's too bad that Roger Clemens is no longer in the game, because he'd let Puig know what he thinks of him.
I'm sticking by my prediction that he'll be out of baseball in five years.


MLB Network: While we're on the subject of Puig, it's time to bring up MLB Network. While I really like their coverage, I don't like that the Network is Puig's biggest cheerleader. You'll hear them say, "oh, I love Puig, because he has so much fun playing the game, and it reminds me of Little League."
It's all about playing for a big market team, and while I like MLB Network, they're just as guilty as ESPN when it comes to big market bias. If Puig pulled these same antics in a Kansas City Royals' uniform, the Network would constantly ride his ass and call him a 'Bush Leaguer,' but since he plays in Hollywood, it's perfectly okay.

Dodgers' Marketing Department: Our marketing department isn't the best, but the Dodgers' marketing department seems to fail at everything they try.
Beach Balls, those damn things are thrown on the field every game.
'Mannywood,' eh, he didn't last very long down there.
A Justin Bieber billboard.
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I'll give the Dodgers a little credit on that one. He wasn't a criminal yet, but most of America already hated him.
Free ball night, well, that resulted in Baseball's only forfeit in the last 35 years.

That's what you get when you give objects like that to drugged-up gangsters.
Then tonight was inflatable chair night, because Dodger fans are too fat to fit into the regular seats.


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