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5/2/2014 GIANTS @ Braves Gameball and Joker

The offense was relatively quiet, but it was really gratifying to get a win to open up this 10-game road trip, and it's always big when you get a win with Timmy pitching.
The Giants also caught a huge break in that this is the first time that they've played a series in Atlanta prior to June since 2003. The main challenge when a team comes into Atlanta is figuring out how to beat the heat, but tonight's game-time temperature was 69 degrees.

Michael Morse
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Last year, we got five home runs from our left fielders, and here on May 7, we already have seven.
Morse has not been that good in the field, but this may have been one of the most underrated signings over the winter. If Morse stays healthy, he's going to hit 30 home runs. No Giant has hit 30 home runs in a season since Bonds did it in 2004, and with Belt and Posey, we have three guys that could do it this season.

TIP OF THE CAP: emoticon

Angel Pagan: On the second pitch of the game, Pagan hit his second leadoff home run this week, and keep in mind that the dimensions at Turner Field are very deep.

Timmy: He got his kind of weather, and in six innings, he gave up just one run and got the win.
Even with his fastest fastball at 92 MPH, if he faces an offense like the Braves', who swing from their heals every game, there's a good chance he'll get the win.

Brandon Crawford: Who put on a clinic with the glove tonight. He two great plays early on, and he flat-out robbed Evan Gattis with a diving stop for the second-to-last out of the game.
He is going to win a gold glove someday.

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Chris Johnson
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I'm not trying to rag on Johnson, but when you get a contract extension, it's a total buzz-kill to go 0-for-4 in our first game afterwards.

Sergio Romo: Romo's been pretty good so far this year, but tonight's game was a little more dramatic than I would've liked.

Joe West: Hey, Cowboy, can you make a quicker call and not go Tim McClelland on us when you're ringing a guy up to end the game? It makes things way more scary than they need to be.


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