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4/28/2014 Padres @ GIANTS Gameball and Joker

Every few years, we are the personal punching bag for the Fathers of San Diego, and this year seems to be one of these years.
The Padres took the lead early, and then the Giants came back to take the lead in the bottom of the fourth, but the Padres struck back in the top of the fifth. A home run by Brandon Hicks made it 5-4, but the Padres scored another run in the ninth, and that was all she wrote, as the Padres won 6-4.

Rene Rivera
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I usually don't give the gameball to an opposing player, but if the opposing player single-handedly won the game for his team, then I'll give it to him.
He hit a two-run double in the fourth, and before you knew it, he was right back up at the plate to hit a three-run shot into the left field bleachers.

TIP OF THE CAP: emoticon

Hunter Pence: Hunter's drive continued tonight. He tripled in the first run of the game for the Giants in the fourth.

Michael Morse: Who continued his hit hitting, as he gave the Giants the lead with his base-hit in the fourth, and that hit was one of three he had tonight.

Brandon Hicks: After being the hero with his walk-off shot yesterday, Hicks hit one out again tonight.

Hector Sanchez: Yes, he struck out to win the game, but he gave Street one hell of a battle in that at bat, as he saw 11 pitches.

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Pablo's in decent physical shape, so it's obvious the contract is slowing him down this year. After his weekly good game yesterday, Pablo went 0-for-4 tonight, which included an inning-ending double play in the second.
Pablo has meant so much to this team. He broke out on the scene to hit .330 in his first full year in 2009, and he became the fourth player in the history of the game to hit three home runs in a World Series game. However, it's starting to look like his best days are behind him. Unless he tells his agent to get lost and agrees to a reasonable four-year, $52,000,000 during this season, there's a good chance he'll continue to struggle this year, and there's an even better chance that he'll be elsewhere next season.


Gustavo Vazquez: Mr. Vazquez is Pablo's longtime agent. Until about a couple of weeks ago, I believed that Pablo was the greedy fool demanding an enormous contract, but I'm beginning to see how much of a ]sleaze Vazquez is. There has also been unconfirmed speculation that Vazquez is doing the negotiating, and that he is completely leaving Sandoval out of it. Again, this is just speculation that I have heard, but it wouldn't surprise me at all.
After the Giants didn't offer the same $90,000,000 contract that Pence got, Vazquez decided to raise the demand to over $100,000,000. I hope Mr. Vazquez knows that's an incredibly inept way to conduct business, and that the executives in the Giants' front office are probably laughing their asses off at him.
I'm willing to bet that if Pablo fired him, he would immediately go on a tear and put himself in the All-Star race.


Brandon Belt: At least he got on base via a walk, but he went 0-for-3.

Mad Bum: His pitch count really bit him tonight. Mad Bum threw 93 pitches in just five innings, in which he walked four. Two of Bumgarner's walks came in at bats where Bumgarner was ahead of the hitter 0-2. He gave up five runs—four of them earned—on his way to a loss.

Angel Hernandez: Hernandez had two calls reviewed on the new replay system, and he was 0-for-2. Hernandez probably already hates replay after the controversy he endured when he a home run call in Cleveland last year, so having two calls he made reversed because of replay is probably going to make Angel plot to destroy the replay command center in New York, while he lies in bed tonight.

Javier Lopez: For allowing the Padres to pad their lead in the ninth.

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