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4/26/2014 Indians @ GIANTS Gameball and Joker

After the Giants looked like cellar dwellers on the road, they've come home and won a series against the Indians.
Today, they came back from down 3-0 to win it. Now, they have a chance for the sweep, something they have not done since May 3-5 of last year, so nearly an entire year. As Krukow would say, we're due.

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Lincecum was hit around in his four-and-two-thirds innings of work. After that, the bullpen, which today was Gutierrez, Machi, Affeldt and Romo threw a no-hitter. They only allowed two base-runners to reach. They reached when Jean Machi walked Carlos Santana—no, not the musician—in the seventh inning, and when Romo hit Giambi to start off the ninth.
If you ask me, the bullpen definitely saved the game today.

TIP OF THE CAP: emoticon

Hunter Pence: Pence got the big hit that gave the Giants the lead in the fifth. He is definitely out of his slump.

Buster Posey: Posey's another guy who needs to break out of his slump, and he hit a bomb halfway up into the bleachers to pad the lead at 5-3, which turned out to be the final score.

Jeremy Affeldt: Affeldt's off to a great start to far, as his ERA is still at zero.

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Pedro Cerrano
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Voodoo has not worked for the Tribe this weekend, as they scored one run last night, and then they blew a 3-0 lead today.
It has severely hurt the Indians this weekend to have Cerrano out of the lineup due to the injury he suffered when he punched Jobu after his 0-for-5 game the other day.
It also appears that Cerrano is heading to the disabled list, so the Indians won't be in good shape tomorrow either.


Timmy: Timmy gave up nine hits in four-and-two-thirds innings today.

Brandon Belt: Hey, Brandon, break out of this will you? You're our number-three hitter now, don't be going 0-for-4.

Pablo: Another 0-for from the Panda, as he's now hitting .165.
Last year, we sat Belt for a few days, and he started hitting, so I think it might be time to try that on Pablo too.


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