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4/25/2014 Indians @ GIANTS Gameball and Joker

Okay, tonight proved that this year really is going to be like 2009.
After the offense pressed and and missed key opportunities on the road, they came home and got the big hits. Northern California finally got some much-needed rain, but the Giants were able to beat the cold and damp climate to beat Chief Wahoo's Tribe 5-1.

Hunter Pence
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Finally, Pence is on a roll. After a very rough start to his five-year, $90,000,000 contract, Pence has started swinging the bat. In the first inning tonight, Pence tripled in Pagan, getting the early big hit with a runner on, something that eluded this team on this past road trip.

TIP OF THE CAP: emoticon

Tim Hudson: He did walk his first batter of the year, but he was once again fantastic tonight. Hudson threw a four-hitter through seven innings, while giving up just one run.
I knew that Hudson was going to be a great signing when he made his first start in Arizona and shutdown a powerful Diamondbacks' offense on April 2.

Michael Morse: First of, he's fitting in great with the personality of this team. He should've had another multi-home run game tonight, but the wind off of McCovey Cove had other ideas. However, in his next at bat, Morse hit one out to the deepest part of the park, beyond triples alley.

Angel Pagan: Pagan has had some knee issues, which hindered his performance a bit on the road trip, but he showed no signs of it tonight. He went 2-for-4, he scored a pair of runs, and he stole a base.

Pablo: Good to see him hit a triple. Keep on chugging, Pablo!

Duane Kuiper: It was his night, as 40,000 lucky fans too home his bobble head, so congratulations to Kuip on his home run.
If Kuip played today, he probably would have had over 20 home runs. Some of the parks in his playing days had insane dimensions. Live parks like Coors Field, Chase Field, Great American Ballpark, Citizens Bank Park, what's now called Globe Life Park and Minute Made Park weren't around in his day. Trust me, if he played with the Giants in the '90s, he would've had at least 5 home runs at Coors.
Also, to Cole and Dannon, if you guys are tired of the seat from Cleveland Municipal Stadium being in your front yard, I'll gladly take it off your hands.

MLB: For finally getting rid of the completely idiotic new transfer rule. Now, fielders only have to have complete control of the ball in their glove, just the way it was for the last 130 years.

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Brandon Belt
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Belt's been off to a great start this season, but tonight's game didn't earn him any points. On a night where his teammates finally started swinging the bats, Belt took an 0-for-4 with a hat trick.


Buster Posey: Really, Buster?
With his 0-for-3 night tonight, he's starting to dive towards the mendoza line.

Javier Lopez: Who did close it out, but I could've done without his control issues.

Brewers: You know, I think this is becoming a bit suspicious. In Bud Selig's final year as commissioner, the Brewers, who I predicted to lose 98 games are off to a 17-6 start.
My bet is that the Brewers will utterly collapse, but if Bud Selig ends his career by presenting the Commissioner's Trophy to his team, then things will be very suspicious.


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