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4/20/2014 GIANTS @ Padres Gameball and Joker

The Giants were finally able to take advantage of an extra home game on the schedule—yes, we were the road team, but Petco Park is AT&T South, so it counts as a home game in some ways—as they salvaged a game in San Diego.
The offense finally woke up, as the Giants got out to an early 4-0 lead, but things got scary later on, as the Giants held on to win 4-3.
Also, Expanded replay helped us win today, because it took a run off the board for the Padres in the third inning.

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You would expect him to come out and get the win on 420, and that's exactly what he did. 420 is good mojo for Timmy, as he struck out seven, while giving up three runs in six-plus innings. You knew it was his day when the umpires overturned their call, because overturned calls with this new replay system are not very common.
So how does he get to celebrate? He gets to go to one of the two states and counting where it's legal to get high, because you feel like it.
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TIP OF THE CAP: emoticon

Buster Posey: After three straight losses in which the offense only scored one run in each game, Posey got his team out to an early lead with his two-run home run in the first.

Angel Pagan: Whose two-run bloop hit in the third turned out to be the game-winner.

Jeremy Affeldt: Who set the Padres down 1-2-3 in his second outing of the year. With Affeldt, you'll get a couple of really good years, followed by a really bad one, so here's to hoping for another good one!

Santiago Casilla: After Lopez walked Seth Smith, Casilla came in and got the double play to end the eighth.

Matt Williams: I love it when a rookie manager sends a very early message. Yesterday, he pulled Bryce Harper out of the game after Harper didn't run out a ground ball. Harper is someone who has an attitude, so good for Matt to show him that garbage like that won't be tolerated.

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They finally woke up today, but the bats have been awful since the first week. Despite scoring four runs today, the Padres did set down 15 Giants in-a-row from the second to seventh innings.
With the improved pitching, this is reminding me a lot of 2009. We have strong pitching, but we are weakened by an offense that has wasted many opportunities thus far, and we have averaged 2.8 runs a game since the Home Opener.
It's time for Pedro Cerrano to "wake up bats."


Hunter Pence: What's with his awful start? After going 0-for-3 today, our $90,000,000 man is hitting .181 after three weeks.
Hey, Hunter, maybe you need to give one of your speeches to yourself in his hotel room tonight. Just a warning though, hotel walls are very thin, so if the front desk calls and asks you to shut up, tell them you're trying to earn your contract.

Joaquin Arias: With Scutaro's injury, Arias is one of our everyday guys now, and with his average at .167, we now have three starters with averages under the mendoza line. That's how you can tell you're going bad as an offense.

Carlos Gomez: Speaking of guys with attitude problems, Gomez is a huge hothead. People should remember when the Braves were livid with him for admiring a home run. Today, he admired a triple he hit off the wall in Pittsburgh, and the Pirates took exception, and thus it led to a huge [url=[sign in to see URL]
For whatever reason, the trend of admiring fly balls that end up staying in the park has skyrocketed. We've seen Puig do it a few times, and now Gomez did it today. I really hope Ron Roenicki fined Gomez for that.

Pirates: Why were they upset? If Gomez would've ran out of the box like he should have, he would've had an inside-the-park home run. Not only did he not get the four-bagger, but the next guy grounded out to end the inning, and thus the run didn't score. If I was Garrit Cole, I'd be laughing at Gomez, and I'd be thankful that my team caught a huge break. Of course, one of the guys restrained in the video for going ballistic was our old pal, Russell Martin.


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