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4/17/2014 Dodgers @ GIANTS Gameball and Joker

This is starting to remind me a bit of 2009.
We're getting runners on and into scoring position, but we can't come through with the big hit. Though it is hard to complain when you're off to a 4-2 start against the Dodgers. Anyway, 2-1 was the final, and the homestand continues tomorrow at Petco Park.

Ehire Adrianza
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The honor today goes to the guy who came off the bench to have a 3-for-3 game. Adrianza has impressed a lot of people so far this year, and he continued to impress today by knocking in the Giants' lone run.

TIP OF THE CAP: emoticon

Hunter Pence: Who collected a pair of hits to get himself over the mendoza line.

Yusmeiro Petit: Petit's been off to a bit of a rough start this season, so it was good to see him get a good outing in.

Jeremy Affeldt: He's back, he pitched two scoreless innings, and 'Fireproof' gets to be played in the ballpark again.

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Well, he looks like the same panda who doesn't care that we saw in the first two weeks. He went 0-for-4 today with a pair of strikeouts. He once again failed to come through in a big situation, as he struck out with two men on base against Wilson in the eighth.
He really does look like he doesn't care. His focus is on the fact that players are getting insane and out-of-conrol big contacts, and that he plans to be the next guy to get one.
I know this is going to sound extreme, but I wouldn't mind trading him midseason, and I do expect to be in the hunt in July. It's starting to become inevitable that he won't be back next season, and with our depleted farm system, I would rather get something in return than watch him ditch us in free agency.


Yasiel Puig: This guy's amazing. He seems to do something embarrassing everyday. What did he do today? He dropped a routine fly ball.

Brian Wilson: My god, he looks like the biggest idiot in the history of the game. What is he planning to do? Does he want to be the next fake idiot on Duck Dynasty, or does he want to become the next Hate Man?
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If you don't know about the Hate Man in Berkeley, then here is some ]information about him. He's just like Wilson. He had a successful career, and now people lock their car doors when they see him. Trust me, people will be locking their doors when they see Wilson in 20 years.


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