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4/15/2014 Dodgers @ GIANTS Gameball and Jerk

After 12 innings, and almost five hours, the Giants finally BEAT LA.
Both teams played poorly and made a lot of mistakes, but Hector Sanchez was able to poke one just out of the reach of Hector Sanchez, thus the Giants went home happy, and Tommy Lasorda destroyed all of his restaurant's memorabilia out of rage with just his belly.

Hector Sanchez
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There were a lot of players to choose from, but Hector Sanchez gets the nod in this one.
After many wasted opportunities, Sanchez was able to hit a grounder that just grazed Turner's glove, and he was the hero tonight.

TIP OF THE CAP: emoticon

Brandon Belt: Belt's been in a bit of a slump lately, but he got the double that tied it in the ninth inning. He did pop out to end the 10th, but hopefully his three-hit game tonight will get him going.

Hunter Pence: Who also had three hits in this one.

Brandon Crawford: Sunday's hero knocked in a run with a sacrifice fly in the third.

Vin Scully and Jon Miller: If you didn't see them introduce the lineups prior to the game, then you missed a hell of a treat. It was the first time I've ever seen the two greatest announcers off all-time put the two greatest voices ever heard by mankind together, and I wouldn't mind seeing them announcing a game together.

Giants fans: These guys let the bearded freak in the Dodgers' bullpen HAVE IT. Also, the fans down the line seem to have learned their lesson on touching balls in-play.

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Porky Puig
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What the hell is his damn problem?
We've seen him make an ass of himself so many times, whether it be his attitude, or when he stood and watched a ball hit off the wall in the playoffs, but what he did tonight may have been his worst act yet. When he flew out in the 12th, he just tossed his bat, and he started jogging back to the dugout. It's too bad that Billy Martin's not around anymore, because if he was managing the Dodgers, Puig would've been pulled from the game right away, and he would've seen a flashback to Reggie Jackson.
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What's appalling to me is that the Dodgers' organization continues to put up with his garbage. How long will it take this guy to find his way out of baseball.


Angel Pagan: No offense to Angel, but that was an awful at-bat in the 10th. When you're up in the count 2-0 with the bases loaded, TAKE ALL THE WAY!!! Instead, he swung at consecutive pitches out of the zone, and he eventually popped out.

Hanley Ramirez: Dude, either get a smaller helmet, or take that damn bandana off your head.
The players on the Dodgers this year represent their fan base well; a bunch of arrogant punks with no respect for the game.
Ned Colletti needs to trade for Nyjer Morgan, pry "Jurassic" Carl Everett out of retirement, and then complete the trifecta by breaking Milton Bradley out of jail. Those three would be great teammates for Hanley, Puig and Brian Wilson, and they can all hangout with Charlie Sheen on their spare time.

Mike Winters: Speaking of Milton Bradley, if you're the one got suspended for an incident involving Bradley, then you know you have issues. Anyway, Winters was tonight's plate umpire, and he was pretty awful. He gave the Dodgers a galactic strike zone in the ninth when they still had the lead, and then he squeezed the hell out of the Giants in extras.


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