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4/11/2014 Rockies @ GIANTS Gameball and Joker

Tonight's comeback was a great way to bounce back from losing a series to the Diamondbacks.
The Giants fell behind 3-0 early, and it looked like it was going to be a long night, but the men in orange came back, and they were able to hold the men in purple and polka dots at bay.

Mad Grand Bum
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Did he pitch that well? Well, he was decent. He struck out seven, but he gave up nine hits and four runs through six innings.
However, he still won this game single-handedly. He flew out to the warning track his first time up, and then when he stepped up again in the fourth inning, BOOM, a grand slam to the back of the bleachers—the first grand slam by a Giants pitcher since Shawn Estes hit one against the Montreal Expos on May 24, 2000.

TIP OF THE CAP: emoticon

Juan Gutierrez: Who continued his surprising early-season dominance with a 1-2-3 seventh inning.

Giants fans: Pablo threw another ball into the stands in the eight, and our fans let him have it.

Sergio Romo: Who came the ninth, struck out the side 1-2-3, ALL looking, and Tulo was PISSED.

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Pablo Sandoval
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Okay, this is getting a bit old. You can tell when he fields a ball at the hot corner that he's going to throw it to a lucky fan sitting behind first base, and he does every time you think that. It makes you wonder whether that's Pablo Sandoval or Chuck Knoblauch playing third base.
Pablo is having an atrocious start at the plate, and now he won't even talk to the Giants about a contract extension. Am I inane to wonder if he is unhappy about not getting the contract he wants, so he's dogging it on the field? He has basically said that he plans to test free agency and see what other teams offer him in the winter. Saying that shows that he is already looking forward to next season. I am sensing some serious disconnect between he and the team.
Also, what really irks is when guys grow up in extremely dangerous third-world countries—in some instances are lucky to have floors and windows—and then spit on $75,000,000 and call it an insult. Thanks to self-centered big shots like Donald Fehr, players are just as greedy and willing to slit someone's throat for money as the owners and Wall Street bankers are. It's sickening.
Anyway, Pablo, if you want to be taking home nine figures over the next several years, batting .143 is not going to help your cause.

Brandon Hicks: He had a great first week, but his second week has been bad. Tonight was the second night in-a-row that he committed an error.

Jorge De La Rosa: You can always count on him to have a Jonathan Sanchez-like inning on the mound and totally implode. He had the Giants hacking the first two innings, but he he gave up a run in the third, and then he unraveled and gave up five runs in the fourth. Just like Sanchez, it just takes one missed call by the umpire for him to lose his focus.


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