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4/9/2014 DBacks @ GIANTS Gameball and Joker

Thanks to a poor outing by our $35,000,000 man, we lost to the Diamondbacks, and with Vogelsong going tomorrow, losing this series is a very big possibility.

Angel Pagan
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2014 is the year of the horse in China, and the Crazy Horse is off to one hell of a start. On a night where we lost, we were able to at least count on Pagan to get three hits. He missed half of last year, and he seems determined to have the best year of his life. Is he already gunning for the Willie Mac Award? If he is, good, because he'll continue his hot hitting all year.

TIP OF THE CAP: emoticon

Michael Morse: Now that was CRUSHED. When it landed almost to the back of the bleachers, I was instantly reminded of the bomb Andres Galarraga hit off Roy Oswalt in 2001. Morse's shot was probably one of the longest home runs by a Giant to left field since.

Buster Posey: Who homered as well. It really is good to see him off to a good start, especially after he hit .244 in the second half last season.

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I kept saying that the Giants would be out of their minds to give Lincecum more than a year and $5,000,000. Well, make that two years for $35 million for a pitcher who posted an ERA of over four for two years in a row while pitching most of his games in the cold, moist air in San Francisco. They gave him an insane contract, and tonight's start is what we got. I've been saying the same thing for over two years now, he's done, no doubt about it. I've also kept saying that he is only going to get dominant again if he smokes a ton of weed, and gains 20-to-30 pounds courtesy of the munchies. His velocity started tanking after his arrest for marijuana possession, and now that weed is likely going to be legal nationwide within the next decade,
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Then he'll get the munchies, gain 20-to-30 pounds, and he'll be back to hitting 96 MPH on his fastball. Bam, crisis would be solved just like that.


Pablo: It's no secret that Pablo is off to a horrible start. He took another 0-for tonight, and is it me, or does has he gained some weight since the start of Spring Training?

Hunter Pence: Who's also off to an awful start, as he's now hitting .111, which is the weight of a non-muscular person who eats kale.
I'm sure he'll come alive at some point, but it's frustrating to see him start his new contract hitting .111.

Josh Donaldson: Do A's players think it's a felony for opposing players to look at them? Grant Balfour acted like a mental patient after Victor Martinez looked at him in the playoffs last year, and Josh Donaldson went completely nuts when Glen Perkins struck him out and looked at him yesterday in Minnesota.
I know you guys play in Oakland, but you don't need to feel the need to kick someone's ass, because they looked at you.

New catch/transfer rule: There's another new rule in Baseball this year. You must also control the ball with your ]bare hand after making a catch. Yesterday in Cleveland, Elliot Johnson clearly made the catch on a fly ball, but it was ruled [url=[sign in to see URL] because the transfer was botched.
So hypothetically, Angel Pagan makes a catch to end the inning. Everyone on both teams is heading back to their dugouts, but then as he crosses the infield dirt 20 seconds later, Pagan decides to flip the ball to his bare hand, but he drops the ball. Are they going to rule THAT a dropped ball?

Bud Selig: Our retiring commissioner made headlines yesterday when he said that he still considered Hank Aaron the true Home Run King. A lot of people called him a hypocrite for it. I agree that he is a hypocrite, but not for that. He's a hypocrite, because he knew McGwire and Sosa were juicing, and he did everything he could to cover it up. Then, he relentlessly went after Bonds. Do I think Bonds cheated? Yes, but while everyone is sucking up to our wonderful commissioner in his final season, it is worth noting that he knew what McGwire and Sosa were doing, and that he covered it up and promoted the two of them, because they were reviving Baseball after the strike that he still pathetically justifies to this day.


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