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4/8/2014 DBacks @ GIANTS Home Opener Gameball and Joker

What a Home Opener!
It was a little hot, but the buntings were out, 18 inches of grind up cow parts deep-fried and wrapped in bacon were replaced by Cha Cha Bowls and Garlic Fries. Miller took a selfie and proceeded introduced both teams, Bat Kid threw out the first pitch, Belt homered once again, and the Giants won to make their record 12-3 in Home Openers at AT&T Park. We were able to completely take advantage of a weak-minded Diamondbacks team, and give Larry Baer a win on his birthday.
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And look who showed up.
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Brandon Belt
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I bet nobody saw this coming. After eight games, he already has five home runs. His first-inning blast against Cahill put us on the board, and it gave us the ballpark debut of the clever, but extremely-excruciating Yahoo Yodel.
I predicted that this would finally be his breakout season, but that he would have a bad April, and then come alive in May. If he keeps this up, who knows what his final totals will look like; they'll just look really damn good.

TIP OF THE CAP: emoticon

Angel Pagan: Who remains on a tear. He walked to kick things off in the first, and then he doubled then scored in the third. We definitely missed him last year.

Michael Morse: He threw a couple more hits and RBIs in there today.

Brandon Crawford: His two-run single blew things open a bit in the fifth, and it was pretty much smooth sailing from there.

Tim Hudson: I really like the new addition. He once again pitched a great game in Arizona, and it was great to see the reception the fans gave him.

Santiago Casilla: After a 1-2-3 ninth inning, the sounds of Tony Bennet sparkled throughout the ballpark, and everyone went home happy.

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Trevor Cahill
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Cahill faced two batters, gave up the home run to Belt, and then his Jonathan Sanchez Syndrome kicked in. He couldn't find the strike zone, and he was gone in the fourth.


Buster Posey: Hard to give it to the MVP, but we had Cahill cornered in the first, and Posey grounded into a double play by swinging at ball four.

Brandon Hicks: He has been impressive, but going 0-for-3 with a hat trick is not a good way to make first impressions for the home crowd.

Jim Reynolds: His strike zone was awful. He waited until Belt flipped his bat to call a low strike on what would have been ball four two straight times in the same at-bat.

DBacks: I predicted them to win 87 games, and I already know that I'm going to be dead wrong. A friend of mine said last week that he could see Arizona finishing last, and I can clearly see why. They can't pitch, and they're making a ton of mental mistakes. I guess that's the Baseball Gods' response to their organization's authoritarian approach to what opposing teams' fans can and cannot wear.


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