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My new cause: 2012 Presidential Science Debate

My manifesto.

If you feel even the smallest amount of inclination toward thinking it's a good idea, please Like it.

In 2008 Presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain took part in Saddleback Church’s Civic Forum. It was an interesting event that allowed the American people to see both candidates engage in personal discussions on faith and politics. It was the first “debate” of the presidential campaign, although it was not a formal debate. I propose doing something similar in 2012. Except instead of having it a discussion on faith with a member of a congregation it should be at a university and be a discussion on science.

There are too many politicians-on both sides of the aisle-that site science when discussing policy. Be it climate change, medical issues or economics. Increasingly these politicians have been incomplete in their knowledge or, in a lot instances, flat our wrong.

We should have a discussion with the candidates to see where they stand on issues that affect the scientific community. I want to know who they trust when it comes to certain scientific issues. I want to gain insight into their understanding of important areas of study. Some of the most important issues of our day will find their answers in science. Energy independence, security, health, infrastructure and countless other topics at their core are very important areas of scientific study and technological advancement.

I don’t propose a discussion where the candidates are not asked politicized questions like, “Do you believe in evolution?” or “Is global warming happening?” Frankly, I don’t think a politician with a degree in law or political science is qualified to even answer those questions. Those are questions for scientists and theologians. I want an enlightening and light-hearted discussion that gives a general insight to their views.

Who is your favorite scientist?
What area of science of math is most interesting to you?
What field of study do you feel you know the least amount?
What would you like to see be the next great breakthrough in science?

These are the types of questions I would want to ask. Also, I would want to make the fun for the American people. At the end of the discussion I think it would be interesting to have a small competition between the candidates to see how much science and math they know. A collection of questions that a 2nd or 3rd year science major should probably know. For example:
What is the mathematical term for the area under a curve?
How many neutrons does Carbon have?
Where is insulin made in the body?
What does the “m” in e=mc2 stand for?

This may seem very early to want to talk about this but the first presidential caucus is just 15 months away! I would love to see this happen and perhaps through the power of the internet (The Grassroots Movement of the 21st Century), we can collectively raise our voices and politely request to see this happen.

"If the Pilgrims had landed in California the East Coast would still be wilderness"
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Re: My new cause: 2012 Presidential Science Debate

I guess that when 288 people all post their replies simultaneously
it creates an Internet bottleneck and none of them get through.

Jackie Robinson had already retired when the Dodgers tried to trade him to the Giants.
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