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I know that when you heard about the trade for Guillen and Cash for a Player to be named later, the first thing that popped into your head was……"What does Merkin think about this all"….well, I will keep you in suspense no longer…….I am in the HEY, OK….I can deal with it… sure he's played for 10 teams so far…..but that’s just 10 teams that wanted him…….and still just 34 years old, low risk move…..and as far as bad clubhouse guy…..well…..he's played for A LOT of shitty teams….and we heard the same thing about Huff and Burrell….well ok, maybe not AS MUCH bad stuff as we have heard about Guillen…..but I am willing to give him a chance……and really, it likely means AB's taken from the Right Handed Rowand more than anyone…..although he could impact Ishikawa some as well…….and the real wildcard is the PTBNL……if somehow we can just send Guillen back as the PTBNL and keep the Cash……well, THAT’S a GOOD TRADE……..

Now on with business….
"Baseball is a game of inches" -Branch Rickey…..well, tonight was more like a game of 90 feet….given up and lost…..the Padres weren't the most talented team, they weren't the best hitting or pitching team…..but they were the BETTER team by a longer margin than that 3-2 score would show you……


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After a dismal Thursday blowing the lead for Cain, the unit bounced back with a solid outing….The Good Casilla showed up tonight with runners on 1st and 2nd and down by 1 and got his nasty stuff over for strikes and got out of that inherited mess….Santiago then came back for a clean inning, followed by Ramirez who kept it together for an innings and a 1/3 before walking Denorfia on 4 pitches……Lopez came in for the LOOGY our, and then Ray capped it off the 4 1/3 scoreless 1 hit 1 walk innings that really gave the Giants a chance to get back into the game…..that is, if they could put wood on the ball…….

Pretty much the only player to get wood on the ball against the Padres Bullpen…..he hit that Ball so hard, it sounded like KRod having a conversation with his Girl Friend's father…….

Started the night with a bang, taking the walk, and then 180 feet before a Huff RBI Double…..

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Jonathan couldn't put his money where his mouth was……although he did look focused and had good stuff out there, he gave up leadoff runners in the first 3 innings, ….but the JOKER is really not for how he pitched….it was the 90 FEET he failed to gain in the 2nd inning……with the first 2 runners on base and nobody out, a SIMPLE BUNTto the 3rd baseman would have advanced the two runners…..instead !@#$ COMEBACKER to the pitcher for an out at 3rd…..the bunt was so bad that the throw from third almost doubled up Sanchez at first……that was the last real threat of the night, as the Giants wouldn't get a runner past first for the rest of the game……Way to back it up big mouth, we had a perfect chance to get back the lead and change momentum in the game, which is HUGE when a team is in your heads……

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I take back anything positive I said about Rowand yesterday……just !@#$ stupid today…….first on the Headley drive to Center, Rowand goes all Chevy Chase on the ball and gives up an easy Triple…..a 90 FEET mistake that turned into a run….and then trying to hard to make up for the misplay and Sanchez's sad bunt, the complete WHIFF on a steal of third……these are LARGE mistakes when playing a team like the Padres…..and how many of you thing that Torres woulda caught that Headley ball……

For 1 single play……you THROW that ball, don't chase his ass all the way to the plate……you were given a gift, and you don't persue that far to the ADVANCING bag, if you get into a foot race, make it BACK to the preceeding bag……and PUT THE BALL IN YOUR THROWING HAND, don't carry it in the glove…..come on, you have been playing this game since you were a !@#$ embryo, you KNOW this !@#$…....that cost the Giants 90 FEET on the TRAIL RUNNER and ended up being the mistake that lead to the go ahead run……and christ, you were 2 inches from getting NOBODY out……

Tried to tag that on Posey talking about getting his shoulders turned……yeah, wasn't going to happen, Posey chased him hard, had the ball ready to throw and chased him to within a couple feet of Sandoval…if anything, Posey chased too far……wait for him to turn his shoulders? good god, he coulda run him to the Left Field Foul Pole and that wasn't happening…….




(The fine print: There will be cussing and bad taste. This is written with the heat of the moment feel you may have during the game, with rational thought sprinkled in now and then. This is entertainment folks, sure there is a lot of truth and I am a genius, but this is all about having a laugh and enjoying the ride…….now lets go heckle Jeff Kent in when he gets inducted to Cooperstown..)

by merkin

"...the best evaluation of players is subjective judgment...The real baseball world is inevitably going to be hundreds of times more complicated than the model that we construct...." -Bill James
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Beuschman saved me a pile of typing time, by saying it all himself:

"To Jonathan Sanchez: Don't buy any real estate in the Bay Area because as soon as the Giants find your replacement in the rotation, your dumb *ss is out of here. I don't give a sh*t about your "great stuff." You are a Shawn Estes clone who will continue to fail when it counts -- especially when you make a stupid f*cking statement like you did last Sunday.
A lot of Giants fans, including me, were against ownership trading your dumb *ss away at the trade deadline. We were all wrong. Tonight was the tipping point -- the sooner your f*cking *ss is off the Giants, the better. Then you can become someone else's head case with a million dollar arm and a ten cent head. F*ck you and the horse you rode in on, you worthless s@ck of sh*t!

To Freddy Sanchez: If you say something like "Gee, I feel really awful about not hitting at all" again, you should have concrete poured down your throat. You are like a second pitcher's spot in the #2 hole. It's a disgrace that you're in the same spot in the lineup and on the field where Robby Thompson used to play. YOU S*CK!!!!

To Aaron Rowand: You are not a "Gamer." You are miserable failure who is quite possibly the very worst signing in the long list of stupid Sabean blunders.
Hey, Aaron! Is it AT&T's fault that you flail away like Helen Keller at pitches miles out of the strike zone?
Is it AT&T's fault that you killed the Giants' last promising rally by handing the Padres a key out on a silver platter?
 Is it AT&T's fault that you lumber around center field like a clueless oaf, turning singles into triples?

Willie Mays used to play your position for the Giants and now we're saddled with your worthless, blundering *ss. You're an embarrassment to the Giants, their fans, the city of San Francisco, the Bay Area, Major League Baseball, and sports as a whole. If you had any decency, you would give back $30 million of the $36 you've heisted from this organization and forfeit the $24 million left on your contract.

The next time you run into a wall, please make sure to knock out whatever brains you have left after your collision with the wall at Citizens' Bank Ballpark. Maybe then, the Giants will be able to collect insurance on your dumb *ss and finally get back something in return for all the money they've flushed down the toilet paying you, you worthless crock of monkey sh*t!

To Bruce Bochy: I know that you're not that bright, but if you have two players in Freddy Sanchez and Aaron Rowand who do NOTHING at the plate, YOU DON'T PLAY THEM! I don't give a sh*t if management is paying them $18 million to f*ck up -- BENCH THEM!! How many 0 for 5's do you need to see on the scorecard from these worthless bags of cesspool contents before you wake up?!?

To Brian Sabean: The soft and fuzzies may yammer on endlessly about how the team you assembled is in the playoff hunt. But the realist Giants fans who know better realize that it's more of a case of a blind squirrel finding an acorn. The presence of Sanchez and Rowand alone is proof that you have no business being the Giants' GM or anyone's GM, for that matter. Go straight to h*ll, you pr*ck.

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