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GAMEBALL and JERK..... 06/11 Giants at Rockies

06/11 Giants at Rockies

GAMEBALL emoticon
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Yeah, I'm spoiled…..so sue me…..at this point the kid is EXPECTED to be lights out, and its only when he falls apart or does something extraordinary do we take notice……
and when your ERA is a sparkling [sign in to see URL] you haven’t fallen apart too many times……
In fact Tim has been a image of consistency……
For Example
Tim's Statistically Best Start
7 Innings 0 Runs
6 Hits, 3 Walks, 9 K's

Tim's Statistically Worst Start
6 Innings, 3 Runs
5 Hits, 4 Walks, 6 K's

Not spectacular in an of themselves….. but the consistently good starts time after time is remarkable…….and I guess that’s how you get to a 8-1 mark……..

Good Job Tim…..now lets throw in a few no hitters in there, just for fun

TIP OF THE CAP emoticon
One the only offensive force tonight, twice giving the Giants a chance at a run…..and then in the 9th made a pretty good throw that had a chance to nail the winning run at the plate………

There it is…..that nasty ass split versus lefties was in full form tonight, as Walker made quick work of the 8th inning…….

JERK :jerk:
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Don't like it….Don't like it one bit…….
They way errors are determined and assigned in Major League Baseball is complete bullshit…….
First of all, there is the home team bias…….where the official scorer is more likely to give a hit with the home team at the plate, and error with the home team in the field…..the though being this credits the home team hitter, and avoids damage to the home team pitcher……
Then there is the thought that if ball hits the glove, then its an error…….a misplayed ball. and ball completely missed ….no matter how easy a play….is a base hit……
And then my own pet peeve, the throws to first that are in the dirt……sorry folks but unless it’s a weird hop or an in between hop……the 1stbaseman makes that scoop…..its his job…….
Basically, what it boils down to is official scorers are Lazy and Home Biased…….
They refuse to make a stand and use their brain, and instead rely upon a flawed system that assesses blame without logic
But honestly tonight…..I don’t know what to make of this scoring decision….it certainly wasn’t a home team bias call, as it stole an RBI from the Rockies…..No tonight the official scorer decided to actually put some thought into the call……unfortunately…..an autonomous decision was so foreign……the scorer made the wrong call……
Bengie made the tag on Atkins, and the ump rang him up…..only to see the ball laying on the ground……
Yes if Bengie had caught the ball, he would have nailed Atkins at the plate…..but this was a bang bang play….and in that blink of an eye…..it would have been a spectacular play……..In fact it was a spectacular play even to make it as close as it was…….and perhaps swayed by the Umpires Phantom out call gave an error to Bengie……
Sorry Folks
Bengie didn’t deserve the error
Torreable deserved the RBI
and Yabu deserved the Run Allowed……
All the scorer did tonight was, assign blame, and take away credit from those players rightly deserved

Jesus…..after we all saw Walker come up with an improbable 1-2-3 in the 8th…..Mr Lights out gets his chance of the Prime Time.. and coughs it up with 2 walks and a hit…….
Seems like there is something about the 8th and 9th inning that brings out the worst in Giants relievers……

by merkin


"...the best evaluation of players is subjective judgment...The real baseball world is inevitably going to be hundreds of times more complicated than the model that we construct...." -Bill James
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GAMEBALL and JERK..... 06/11 Giants at Rockies

yabu let emoticon down

Hamels started toward the dugout after what he thought was a strike. Lincecum didn't get the call & buzzed ump Dana DeMuth w. a fastball that slammed off the backstop & then froze Hamels w. another 3rd strike. 4/28/10 Timmy the ump killer.
6/12/2008, 11:10 pm Link to this post


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