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GB and JK 04/27/08 REDS at GIANTS

04/27/08 REDS at GIANTS
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Holy !@#$…. the more time this kid gets, the more he looks like he belongs…….
Now a fixture atop an ever changing lineup, Lewis added a Cove Shot to his resume with an effortless BOMB over the right field wall….add a Triple and a Single, and Freddie was just a double short of his second career cycle…and added a walk in the 9th when the Giants were in dire need of base runners……
Fred…..you ARE the offensive start on this team……

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After a little rough patch, Eugenio has joined Freddie atop the lineup to form a 1-2 wrecking crew……Surprising power, world class speed, and range from 2nd base the Giants haven’t seen in my life time…..Eugenio just ooses raw talent….keep playing this kid at 2nd and let him polish the edges……..

Not a spectacular shortstop, but so far seems more than solid…..and although not possessing a rocket arm….. his arm seems more than adequate…..and if he can get on base and steal 40 and score 100…..you don’t have to be a gold glover…….

Hell, you thought Lewis was underrated……..I tell you right now I take Misch over Zito or a healthy Lowry…….Imagine a lefthander that can throw 4 pitches for strikes……
Sure none of them are "plus" pitches……but this kid is a bulldog who will battle everytime out……..Lets hope Misch can open some eyes, because in a couple of years I think the Giants would be best served with a rotation of
Cain, Lincecum, Sanchez………Misch……. and a #5 to be determined…….
where #5 is one of the arms currently in the minors……
Everyone else is trade bait..(hear that Lowry and Correia….get better soon)

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Although his bat has started to stir to life, Aurilia's poor season with the glove continued……Physical Errors such as dropped balls, to mental errors such as neglecting to look a runner back….Aurilia had a nightmare of a game on defense today….and when you primary value to the team is your on field leadership…..I think we would be better off with Bowker or Ortmeier out there just working young legs and raw talent……

!@#$ clown as far as I am concerned……inconsistent strike zone highlighted by the final pitch of the game…..0-2 pitch a foot high…..i swear to got I have never seen such bad umpiring as the last couple of weeks…..its almost as if the Umpires are under orders from league office to screw us…….
I don’t believe in conspiracies, so I will just write it off to bad luck……but if I see Joe West on a Grassy Knoll……I'm getting the hell out of there…..

You aren’t supposed to kick an man when he's down…..well, !@#$ that……part of Kevin's job is to stay healthy…. now I am no expert on Obliques…..but this looks like something that will keep Kevin out for an extended time……and when you have a starting position on a very competitive staff……there are no guarantees you will have a job…..well…..unless your name is Zito

by merkin


"...the best evaluation of players is subjective judgment...The real baseball world is inevitably going to be hundreds of times more complicated than the model that we construct...." -Bill James
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i [sign in to see URL] "blow" west is a turd..

Hamels started toward the dugout after what he thought was a strike. Lincecum didn't get the call & buzzed ump Dana DeMuth w. a fastball that slammed off the backstop & then froze Hamels w. another 3rd strike. 4/28/10 Timmy the ump killer.
4/27/2008, 7:10 pm Link to this post


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