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Half Asleep GB and JK 04/14/08

Was away from my computer out in the sun all weekend….or at least when I wasn’t in the sun I was recuperating….

As we emerge from the despair of the first week….we appeared to have a team that would have a hard time being tolerated let alone be able to win games….
But since that horrid opening week. .a new distinct image of the new Giants has come forth……
Sure this isn’t a team devoid of power that won't contend…..but they won't be pushovers either……
The starting pitching is doing well overall, the bullpen seems improved… but there is something more than that,……where have the brain dead hackers gone???
Sure the Giants are going to strike out their fair share this year, but it seems that there are fewer wasted at bats this year…..hitters working counts…..taking pitches…..spoiling 2 strike pitches……
As a result, the Giants seem to be hitting the pitchers that can be hit, and being dominated by pitchers that should dominate…….
Sure Peavy and Penny have the Giants overmatches…..but lets hope the days of making Victor Santos look like Cy Young are over……

04/14/08 DBacks at GIANTS
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The mopup man, came into the game in the 6th, and put up back to back Doughnuts….followed b the Giants 1, 2 bullpen punch Walker and Wilson…..
Perhaps not the dominating Duo that can carry a team……but the most solid combo
the Giants have had since Hermanson had a nice run as a closer in 2004…..

TIP OF THE CAP emoticon
Booted ball here, failure to cover there….perhaps the Baby Backs are still more immature than we thought……

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Sure, they are beating the catchphrase to death….."Wow, Durham managed to get his shoes on…what a gamer."…..
But worse than the phrase itself, is the shove it down your throat GAMER !@#$ about Rowann…..
Oh My God, he' took a breath….wow that must really hurt!!!!.
 OK, OK, we get it already……Just give the JERK a pair of white shorts, and lets all
applaud the fact that he doesn't pop a Hemorrhoid

Coming off a break through performance, Sanchez seems poised t gut more that waot cntie. GeniSival I wouldn't !@#$ Amy Gutiterrez with Renell's dick

by merkin


Last edited by merkin, 4/15/2008, 1:05 am

"...the best evaluation of players is subjective judgment...The real baseball world is inevitably going to be hundreds of times more complicated than the model that we construct...." -Bill James
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Re: Half Asleep GB and JK 04/14/08

"Sanchez seems poised t gut more that waot cntie. "

Not trying to be a smart ass or a spelling Nazi but--

who is Wyatt Cuntie and what does he have to do with Snatchwigs's gut?

Are you using T-9 word to text message these posts? or just good old fashioned tequila?
Just wondering because besides this gameball post and the last gameball post's gibberish sentences-- your poll asks this as well:

"Solid hitter, 'wince' continue to rake."

Sounds like t-9 word errors

Speeaka da engleesh ! :drunk:

(and sincere thanks for the gameball posts and the great pics from the park. Both are always much appreciated.)


Last edited by Nine Buck, 4/15/2008, 10:05 am
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