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Tigers' Cabrera gets long-term deal

Posted: Sunday March 23, 2008 1:42PM; Updated: Sunday March 23, 2008 2:34PM

 The Tigers have agreed to terms with superstar third baseman Miguel Cabrera to a seven-year extension for $20 million a year, [sign in to see URL] has confirmed.

The new agreement to keep Cabrera a Tiger through 2015 will bring their total commitment to Cabrera to $152 million, which includes the $11.3 million he was already set to make in 2008.

The deal is believed to be contingent only on a physical, which is expected to be a formality.

Cabrera's new contract, whether it's counted as a $140 million extension or $152 million in total dollars, would rank as the fifth highest in baseball history, behind Alex Rodriguez's deal ($252 million and $275 million), Derek Jeter ($189 million) deal and Manny Ramirez ($160 million).

[sign in to see URL] first reported that there was an agreement. Michigan's Booth Newspapers first reported that the deal is for a seven-year extension.

Cabrera was acquired this winter from Florida by the Tigers, along with pitcher Dontrelle Willis, for six young players.

[sign in to see URL] many times are we going to play the tigers in total while he's signed with them?

Hamels started toward the dugout after what he thought was a strike. Lincecum didn't get the call & buzzed ump Dana DeMuth w. a fastball that slammed off the backstop & then froze Hamels w. another 3rd strike. 4/28/10 Timmy the ump killer.
3/23/2008, 11:51 am Link to this post


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