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The Mitchell report: So what???

Maybe it's kust me, but what in the hell did this report really prove? We all knew what was going on way before this. Nothing I saw yesterday shocked me. I've seen some analysts say this is a thorough report? It is but it isn't IMO. Yeah Mitchell gave us 4 bazillion pages on the guys he found info on, BUT All this info was based on 2 suppliers.... Balco and [sign in to see URL] makes it very short sighted ( maybe this is the wrong word), but I mean c'mon there are thousands of athletes not just in baseball, but in other sports who have different "unknown" suppliers. Some say this report provides closure, but it doesn't. It just leads to more questions. It's just a small fraction of what has been going on. This won't go away fpr 50-60 years, cause the questions will come up every year when a lot of these guys are up for the HOF... Personally,I say put all those in who put up the numbers and deserve to go in. I don't think all these guys should be omitted because of what they did. They were just a byproduct of their era. I found it ridiculous how he basically ripped the Union a new asshole and basically let the owners off with what amounts to nothing more than a slap on the wrist in terms of the criticism he doled out. What an absolute joke. The owners are just as much at fault as the players. They knew this was going on for years and did NOTHING about it. Why? because they were making money off the whole [sign in to see URL] Selig, my disdain for him is through the roof. He's the commishioner of this game. I am not saying he could have stopped this onslaught of steroids, but he knew this was going on for over a decade and he swept it under the rug for the same reason the owners did. He didn't even address the issue until after he got caught. It was only then in his words that he wanted to "rid the sport of PEDS." He's a gutless coward who points blame everywhere but at him. If Canseco hadn't written the book, I guarantee you Selig would still be sweeping this under the rug, because baseball is making a shitload of money. I despise this man wholeheartedly. This report and steroids do nothing to change my love for the game of baseball. I don't look at the players who were named any differently than I did before. I am not naive to think that this has been going on for just the past decade. Sports IMO have never been totally clean and never will be. I would never use steroids and I wouldn't want my kids to. But these guys are doing what they are doing, and they'll pay for it later with health problems and what not. It's just a fact of life. It is what it is. Sorry for the rant.

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Re: The Mitchell report: So what???

Jeff Passan said it best:

Major League Baseball bought itself 409 pages of recaps, salacious gossip and half-hearted resolutions for the low, low price of more than $20 million.

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