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And people call Barry and assohole....

Mary's boyfriend is a dick

Can you imagine the backlash if teh Lord was bitching and moaning about the Giants not signing a bat? But Favre gets a pass because he's Favre.

Coming out and blasting your team's from office is not a classy move. Don't forget Brett, you're lucky to still be in the league. Your replacement is already drafted and in place. I wish the Packers would just shove this douche to the curb and hand over teh ball to Rodgers.

Favres' quotes about the Packers' non-moves:

"The last thing I want to do is start any [controversy]," Favre said. "But I think he would have been a great addition. You throw Randy Moss, you throw [current starters] Donald Driver and Greg Jennings on the field at the same time, and go three-wide receiver set ... and I think it's pretty intimidating. And we lost out on that, and I think that it's a shame, because I know we could have had him."

Favre, 37, acknowledged the obvious, that he is nearing the end of his celebrated career, one that will someday earn him a spot in the Hall of Fame. But he emphasized that he can still perform at a high level and that he wants to finish his career a winner.

"I'm not getting any younger and I think everybody knows that," Favre said. "I don't have five years to rebuild. ... I don't know if I've lost faith, and I think everyone in the organization wants to win. I just don't know if it includes me. If it's going to be five years from now, I'm not going to be here. This is 17 years for me and I want to win [now]."

from the Eastern Sports Propaganda Network

"If the Pilgrims had landed in California the East Coast would still be wilderness"
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