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Thought you might get a kick out of this. There's a bulletin board made for the Tower people to network about jobs, tell old war stories, and !@#$ about what happened. Then there's a thread for favorite celebrity encountgers. One cat who calls himself "Mark Rock" had some good ones---check out Corbin Bernsen

Working at Tower Atlanta for almost five collective years provided me with some pretty #%@# hilarious moments.

Elton John used to come in pretty often. One day I was all jacked up on frappacinos & ranting about mullets & I accidentally backed into him while spazzing out, practically knocking him over. He laughed- his bodyguard, however, was unamused.

Another time, in the food court at the mall next door, I see this roided out dwarf with a bunch of tattoos. I turn to my co-worker Todd, & comment, "Wow...think dude wants to be Danzig or what?", & Todd responds, "Uhhh...that IS Danzig- he's playing tonight, you idiot...", & I go, "Well...that explains why he looks so much like Danzig, I suppose...". An hour later, he's in the store shopping, loading up on porn & comics, you know, just BEING the Danzig cliche', & he pays, then insists the clerk has shorted (midget pun) him twenty bucks. She gets a little intimidated, & gives him the twenty. Later, she counts down her drawer, & she's short the twenty. Moral of the story? Glen Danzig can't #%@# count.

I'm in back, working one day, & several male co-workers come up- "MARKROCK, YOU WATCH A LOT OF MOVIES, RIGHT?!"..."Yeah, why?"..."WELL, THERE'S SOME WOMAN OUT HERE, & WE CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHO SHE IS...COME ON!". So I walk out there, trying to be THE SUBTLE, & I can't get a good look at her. Finally, I just walk up & ask if she's finding stuff okay. As soon as she turns around, I realize it's Dana Wheeler-Nicholson (yeah, I had to look her up on IMDB) from "Fletch". I return to the back & ask the guys, "CAN I BORROW YOUR TOWEL? MY CAR JUST HIT A WATER BUFFALO..." For the record, that woman's got the bluest eyes ever EVAR.

Probably one of my favorite was in the summer of 2005. Perfect night, kinda slow, doors are propped open, & I'm on one of my vinyl playing rampages- Bad Company, the Cars, AC/DC, I'm just #%@# BRINGING the classic rock pain. Anyway, I see this guy shopping, he looks WAY familiar, & he's TOTALLY rocking to the record I've just put on. Right as I'm about to walk off, he kinda gestures to get my attention, so I walk up & ask if he's got a question. "What IS this playing?!", Corbin Bernson shouts, because when I ROCK, I tend to rock LOUDLY..."It's the James Gang-Rides Again", I answer...he's bobbing his head, & he says, "This is #%@# awesome- do you have it on cd?", & I say, "#%@#' A right it's awesome...", & find the cd. Say what you will about the star of "The Dentist", but he's not afraid to drop the F-bomb while getting all fanboy on Joe Walsh, & that's something I can't say about crackwhore Whitney Houston.

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Re: FSU.....

  Good taste in music, but not much with the glove at 3B.

   Good stuff.
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