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Meet Burglecutt-- one of the reasons we started this board

From: openingdaysmerkin 1:29 am
To: ALL (1 of 11)
It has been reported Giants Manager Felipe has just been checked in Denver General Hospital. I wonder if Mando caused it???? I hope he's ok!

I know being a baseball manager is a stressful job, but this is crazy!

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  From: openingdaysmerkin 1:30 am
To: openingdaysmerkin (2 of 11)
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I heard it on the radio. I will post a link as soon as it comes in.
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  From: kreggiants 1:43 am
To: openingdaysmerkin (3 of 11)
  68247.3 in reply to 68247.2
sorry... but is this true?
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  From: openingdaysmerkin 1:45 am
To: kreggiants (4 of 11)
  68247.4 in reply to 68247.3
I'm checkong reports as I post. I still looking for a link!

It might be some wacko on the radio station making a joke of the situation. I think his name was Kruger or something?
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  From: openingdaysmerkin 1:48 am
To: openingdaysmerkin (5 of 11)
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Forget it. It was some nutjob on the radio making a joke. What a sicko!
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  From: mjenn17 2:01 am
To: openingdaysmerkin (6 of 11)
  68247.6 in reply to 68247.5
Awful joke by whoever did that....
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  From: ramzfan912 2:29 am
To: ALL (7 of 11)
  68247.7 in reply to 68247.6
ya what a stupid thing to say
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  From: dabish105 1:52 pm
To: ALL (8 of 11)
  68247.8 in reply to 68247.7
i agree what a dumb to think to say about a person.
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  From: openingdaymerkin 2:07 pm
To: mjenn17 unread (9 of 11)
  68247.9 in reply to 68247.6
Awful joke by whoever did that....
Awful joke by Burgle
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"...the best evaluation of players is subjective judgment...The real baseball world is inevitably going to be hundreds of times more complicated than the model that we construct...." -Bill James
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