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Sausage Review #9 Hebrew Chicago Dog

Name: Hebrew National Chicago Dog
Price: $[sign in to see URL]
Location: Hebrew National behind 112, at the top of Escalator
Condiments: Mustard, Emerald Relish, White Onion, Tomato, Pickle Spear, Celery Salt, Sport Peppers
Cooked: Grilled
Size: Med/ Large
Hebrew Nats.... We answer to a higher authority..... and GOD LOVES SAUSAGE!!!!
[sign in to see URL] Dog... So I got it with the WORKS....
Very Nice visual presentation, and that Bright Green Relish is disgusting and pretty !@#$ cool all at the same time.
The Dog is grilled and they keep it warm ON THE GRILL in a pool of black grease....
The Bread, was a twist roll that maybe had a hint of shortening. A little crunch to the crust, but otherwise decently soft.
The Dog was hard to eat with all that stuff, but I tried to be true to the Dog and ate all together....
That didn't last long, as the bread started giving way and the goodies started falling out of the Dog. Too messy for my taste.
The Dog itself had a good texture. The skin was a little dry and brittle from being grilled a long time, and the meat had a nice texture. The dog has that great Hebrew National flavor, but also had a hint of stale grease from sitting on the grill too long. Was too salty from the grease as well.
The Condiments were good, except the Celery Salt mixed with the Salty Dog, was just too salty for my taste..... Not horrible, just a little too salty.
Sport peppers had a little bite, which was good.
Tomatos were standard store bought.
Pickles were standard dill spears.

Overall, was as expected from a Chicago Dog. Not great, not bad.
I personally prefer less fixens, but if you like a Chicago Dog, this would be a solid dog.
Plus points for the visual
Minus Points for the Salt Level
My personal dislike for messy dog was not factor in overall rating (otherwise a 2 1/2)

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5 Blocked Arteries

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"...the best evaluation of players is subjective judgment...The real baseball world is inevitably going to be hundreds of times more complicated than the model that we construct...." -Bill James
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